Issue #45

November 9th, 2012

Articles & Tutorials

Link Bild On Wizards (

Roman Nurik shared some examples how to create elegant multistep forms. He created a WizardPager component that does all the heavy lifting.


Add animations to your Android app (
He also published an intro how to add animations to your Android app.

Styling Pull to Refresh Part 2 (
Mark Allison continues his series on how to style a "pull to refresh" ListView.

How to define a Android Multiline EditText (
In this short blogpost Lars Vogel shares a snippet that shows you how to properly style a multiline TextField.

Use built-in feedback mechanism on Android (
Is your app crashing and you don't know about it? Lucky for us Android has a builtin error reporting mechanism to handle such cases. Tom Tasche explains in his blog post how to do it.

Android Emulator to Work on the Macbook Pro Retina (
Do you need to get the android emulator to work on a MacBook Pro Retina? This blog post explains how.


Post a job on Android Weekly (

Libraries & Code

UnifiedPreference (
UnifiedPreference is a library for working with all versions of the Android Preference package from API v4 and up.

ACRA - Know your Bugs (
If you need some Error Reporting with more power, then Acra is your thing. It support multiple backends like HockeyApp or Bugsense.

NotificationCompat2 (
Do you need some Jelly Bean goodness for your notifications on older devices? Then checkout this repository by Jake Wharton. It adds the missing functionality.

ActivityCompat2 (
Here comes the same for startActivity and ActivityOptions


Link Bild 5 Years of Android (

Android turned 5 years old today. Here is a brief story how it all began.



Link Bild Exit Buttons in Android (

Bad idea or worst idea? Watch the debate.