Issue #46

November 16th, 2012

Articles & Tutorials

Link Bild ViewPager (

In his "Examining the ViewPager" series Sebastian Kaspari explains how to use this component the best way.


ViewPager Redux – Part 1 (
Interesting that Mark Allison starts a new series on the ViewPager aswell. This time how to style it the best.

UI Testing (
Romain Guy announced that we should automate UI testing with the new Android UI testing framwork.

Enabling App Widgets on the Lockscreen (
Did you know that in Android 4.2 you can create LockScreen Widgets? Check the official documentation on how to do that.

Efficient Multi-Screen Resource Selection (
Writing universal apps for a phone and a tablet is hard. That's why Dave Smith compiled a few best practices on how to structure and select resources for universal apps.


Mobile Developer at Two Toasters (Durham, North Carolina, USA)
Two Toasters is looking for Mobile Developers to join our team. At Two Toasters, you will be working with cutting edge technology to build state of the art iOS and Android applications with a team that enjoys working hard and playing ping pong.

Post a job on Android Weekly (


Link Bild AnDevCon Sepcial (

AnDevCon IV, December 4-7 in Burlingame (San Francisco), is the technical conference for software developers building or selling Android apps. It will offer one day of intensive workshops, followed by three days of technical classes. Use code MEDIASPONSOR for $100 discount.


Win a Ticket to AnDevCon (
Do you want to go to @AnDevCon in December, but you don't have a ticket yet? You can win one here!

Libraries & Code

Android Sqlite Asset Helper (
Have you ever needed to update the SQLite Database in one of your apps? It's a nightmare, right? Luckily Jeff Gilfelt created this handy helper class that does the heavy lifting. It manages the database creation and handles version management. Android App ( is a webservice to analyize traffic. They've open sourced their Android Client and it's a very well engineered app. Check out if you want to see how a good app architecture is made - or if you want to play with their API.


Link Bild Android 4.2 SDK (

The Android 4.2 SDK (API Level 17) has been released. Lot's of good stuff in there.



Optimize UI Performance (
This is a pretty good talk from Google IO about how to optimize UI performance in Android apps.

App Reviews

The Ultimate Hacker News App Comparison for Android (
HackerNews is a beloved resource for - well... hacker related news. This post by Thomas Kjemperud covers many clients for Android, he also lists the pros and cons.