Issue #50

January 18th, 2013

Articles & Tutorials

Link Bild Android external storage helpers (

Fred Medlin has written a nice blog post on how helper classes can help you to keep your code DRY.


Android (Homescreen) Widgets - Tutorial (
Lars Vogel has revisited his tutorial on Homescreen Widgets. If you want to create one for yourself be sure that you don't miss it.

Continuous Build and Deployment for iOS and Android Apps (
This post briefly explains how to do continuous build and deployment for iOS and Android with jenkins.

Android Instagram Integration (
Do you need to integrate Instagram with your Application? Ketan Parmar has a nice blog post on how to do it.

stORM (
David Chandler has released another introductionary post on project stORM, an ORM for Android. A little dealbreaker is that stORM does not support relations yet. If you want to use something more bullet proof checkout greenDAO. Nonetheless it's a pretty promising project.

DateUtils (
Chris Banes has started a series on little useful snippets and he begins with DateUtils. Go and get those timesavers.

Getting Started developing for Google TV (
Nice little tutorial if you want to get started developing on GoogleTV.

Multiple Displays – Part 5 (
Mark Allison has posted his 5th episode on how to support multiple displays.


Bugdroid needs you Android/Linux Engineer ! (Paris, France)
Genymobile is a French expert company on Android OS and Application area. We are looking for Linux hacker, Android Fan and Metal music lover ! You want to work on INNOVATIVE projects like Home Automation, Connected Object, .... joint the team !

Post a job on Android Weekly (

Libraries & Code

ImageLoader (
Sometimes I have the feeling that the first task of every good studio is to release an open source ImageLoader component. This one seems pretty solid since it has acceptance tests. So if you have not choosen your favourite yet then check it out.

Android-DirectoryChooser (
Do you need a directory chooser for your app? Pascal Hartig has released a reference implementation ready to use for your project.

Android-Validator (
Benjamin Besse has released Android Validator an Form validation library as an library project.


Link Bild Reply to Comments in Play Store (

Good news everyone we're back from our winter vacation. And for an awesome new years gift google is allowing developers to reply comments in the Play Store.



Toasts: Should Not Be Important, May Be Blocked (
A little outrage went through the community when Harri Smått found out that if you disable notifications in Android 4.1 then Toasts are also disabled.

My app is getting 1-star ratings from another dev (
A tale in developer mud-wrestling. Come on! Be a good community - not an evil one.