Issue #55

March 10th, 2013

Articles & Tutorials

Link Bild Custom Class Loading in Dalvik (

If you want to learn more about custom class loading on the Dalvik VM check out the official blog post from the Android development blog.


Dalvik patch for Facebook for Android (
Facebook has released a very interesting post on their engineering blog. The article deals which efforts they had to take to make their huge code base running on Android 2.2 with custom class loading. It a crazy, dare we say insane, piece of engineering and you should definetly check it out.

Making your application’s data usage preferences available from system settings (
This article by Gabriele Mariotti explains briefly how to making your application’s data usage preferences available from system settings.

In-layout Notifications (
Cyril Mottier has released the 4th part of the making of Prixing #4: in-layout notifications

Native RTL support in Android 4.2 (
Full native RTL support has landed in Android 4.1

Tatrick DevCup 2013

The Tatrick Android Developer Cup (
The Tactrick Android Developer Cup is challenging brainy Android developers. Prove yourself as the best app developer.


Spotify Platform Software Engineer Android (Stockholm or New York)
Do you share our dream that iterating a feature across the whole stack from UI to backend, should be as easy as a walk in the park? Do you love Android? Do you to be part of figuring out and architecting infrastructure that will fulfill our dream? Let's chat!

Spotify Feature Developer Android (Stockholm, New York, or San Francisco)
We want to improve people's relationship to music massively. We want to develop the most loved music service on Android. We believe in thinking holistically, using metrics, A/B tests, interviewing, and other ways to validate and tweak our ideas. Interested?

Post a job on Android Weekly (

Libraries & Code

Butterknife (
Butter Knife is a view "injection" library, by Jake Wharton, which uses annotation processing to generate code that does direct field assignment of your views.

Quality-Tools-for-Android (
Quality Tools for Android is an Android sample app + tests that will be used to work on various project to increase the quality of the Android platform.


Link Bild DevBytes: RequestDuringLayout (

DevBytes has released a short series of short instructional videos on android development.