Issue #56

March 18th, 2013


Link Bild Switch to the new Google Play Developer Console (

The new Google Play Developer Console is out of preview and got polished until the last bit. Be aware that the former version will be retired on April 15.



Tatrick DevCup 2013 (
The Tactrick Android Developer Cup is challenging brainy Android developers. Prove yourself as the best app developer.

AnDevCon Spring 2013 (
AnDevCon Spring, May 28-31, Boston, is the technical conference for software developers building or selling Android apps. Receive a $100 discount off the prevailing rate of either the 4-day or 3-day pass by inserting the code MEDIASPONSOR when prompted on the eRegistration page linked from

Articles & Tutorials

Link Bild AntiPattern: freezing a UI with Broadcast Receiver (

In this article Gabriele Mariotti shows you the antipattern of freezing a UI with the Broadcast Receiver. This example is intentionally bad but it explains the main thread and how to avoid the ANR (application not responding).


Instant Mustache (
"This series of blog posts explains the creation of ""Instant Mustache"". Instant Mustache is a fun app for Android devices that utilizes the face detection feature of Android 4.x to add mustaches to all detected faces. You can check out the final source code here"

Dynamic Icon (
In this article Mark Allison explains how to create a dynamicly coloured icon using a mask.


SoundCloud Android Developer (Berlin, Germany)
Are you passionate about the latest Android SDK developments and 100% focused on great user experience and beautiful code? If you want to build exciting new features for the SoundCloud Android app and potentially other platforms, then this is for you.

Spotify Platform Software Engineer Android (Stockholm or New York)
Do you share our dream that iterating a feature across the whole stack from UI to backend, should be as easy as a walk in the park? Do you love Android? Do you to be part of figuring out and architecting infrastructure that will fulfill our dream? Let's chat!

Spotify Feature Developer Android (Stockholm, New York, or San Francisco)
We want to improve people's relationship to music massively. We want to develop the most loved music service on Android. We believe in thinking holistically, using metrics, A/B tests, interviewing, and other ways to validate and tweak our ideas. Interested?

Post a job on Android Weekly (

Libraries & Code

Android Network Intents (
An interesting library comes from Sebastian Kaspari. Android Network Intents is a library to send Android Intent objects to listening apps/devices via multicast (UDP). This library has been written to utilize it for writing simple app or service discovery protocols but as it can be used to send and receive any Intents through the network without knowing the specific receivers. The library comes with an example chat app - I could imagine an Android P2P filesharing app.

PostMan (rings twice) Lib (
LibPostman (Rings Twice) for Android is a library intended to make the asynchronous interaction with a remote server easier, without having to deal with all the well known problems related to asynctasks bound to activities.

HorizontalDatePicker (
Simple but yet flexible android date picker view based on horizontal list views.

LogCat (
LogCat is a simple adb logcat viewer written purely in Objective-C and designed with Apple's Human Interface Guidelines in mind. It uses the native GUI views and is a lot nicer for the eyes than Eclipse plugins.


Link Bild DevBytes: PictureViewer (

In this episode of DevBytes it will be explained how to use ViewPropertyAnimator to get a cross-fade effect as new bitmaps get installed in an ImageView.