Issue #60

April 19th, 2013

Articles & Tutorials

Link Bild Parcelable vs Serializable (

Have you every wondered why there are two serialization mechanisms in Android. Philippe Breault has written a nice post that explains the difference between parcable and serializable.


Flip Your ImageViews (
Antoine Merle has written an introductionary blog post about his FlipImageView library.

Edit Mode And why using a Contextual ActionBar is a bad idea (
In this post Daryl Gent explains why it is a bad idea to use a Contextual ActionBar to archive an edit mode syle forms.

Adapters – Part 3 (
Third part of Mark Allisons "explaining Adapters" series.


Senior Android Mobile Engineer (San Francisco, CA)
We're looking for a mobile engineer to help build cutting-edge Android apps for Eventbrite. We're building the tools that allow event organizers to sell tickets or check in attendees right on their phone or tablet, and to allow attendees to check in at events.

Post a job on Android Weekly (


Link Bild Android cheatsheet for graphic designers (

Petr Nohejl has created a nice visial cheat sheet for designers if they want to create something for Android.


Libraries & Code

Flip Image View (
A FlipImageView library by Antoine Merle.

Numeric Page Indicator (
A ViewPager page indicator by Manuel Peinado that displays the current page number and (optionally) the page count. It can also display buttons to go to adjacent pages, and to move to the start and end pages.

Refresh Action Item-Native (
RefreshActionItem is a fork of RefreshActionItem that works with the native action bar instead of with ActionBarSherlock. Use it if your app does not need to maintain Android 2.X compatibility.

Multi Cursor Adapter (
This is a Android CursorAdapter which can handle multiple Cursors as datasource for one ListView.


Link Bild Google Glass runs on Android (

Google CEO Larry Page has confirmed that the underlying operating system for Google Glass is Android.