Issue #43 | Birthday Issue

October 28th, 2012


Link Bild One year of Android Weekly (

OMG we turn 1 today!!! To celebrate our birthday we've renewed the design of our website - it's all halo now. But what would be Android Weekly without our lovely audience? Big thanks to all of you, you're the best!
If you want to make us a birthday present, forward this email to a fellow Android developer who does not know about us yet.


Articles & Tutorials

Link Bild Mockito on Android (

In this blog post Jesse Wilson explains how to mock objects and classes when you're unit testing you're app.


Android compatibility made easy (
Supporting different versions of Android can be a pain in the ass. This short blog post by Trevor Johns explains some options how to avoid a complete separate code base.

Speed up your productivity: Android Annotations (
This is an introductory to the Android Annotations library. It shows you how to speed up your Android Development.

Why do users uninstall apps? (
In this article Marko Kaasila explains some of the why and what to do to avoid it.

Android Notifications - Tutorial (
Lars Vogel has updated his tutorial on how to use the notification manager in Android apps.

Styling the ActionBar part 6 (
A classic: Styling the ActionBar – Part 6, by Mark Allison


Post a job on Android Weekly (

Libraries & Code

Sliding Menu (
Jeremy Feinstein just updated his Sliding Menu component. Some optimizations and more example code.

Roboboost (
Roboboost is a library that takes the guesswork out of development. For example it let's you inject views via annotations. The library can be compared to Roboguice but the author Mecid Djabrayilov says that things are done more efficient.

FinAppsParty (
Xavi Rigau released a prototype app open source at google code. The app is shopping assistant that was created during FinAppParty 2012

Android Pull To Refresh 1.4.2 (
AndroidPullToRefresh 1.4.2 has been released. The old style flip animation is back. He also introduces PullToRefreshWebView2, which is a new version of PullToRefreshWebView that delegates calls to the WebView's Javascript. For more updates check the changelog.

ORMAN Framework (
The ORMAN framework was hyped on HackerNews yesterday. It's an object relational mapper for SQLite. We're pretty sceptical about this library since the blogpost is from 2011, the Github repository seems to be unmaintained and it also has zero test coverage. If you're looking for something more solid you better check out GreenDAO from Greenrobot.


Skinkers (
Here comes a little dp to px calculator in case you need it.