Issue #99

April 27th, 2014

Articles & Tutorials

Bluetooth LE – Part 3 (
Previously in this series Mark Allison looked at some of the background of Bluetooth LE and set up a simple Activity / Service framework. In this article he’ll get in to the nitty gritty of Bluetooth LE and look at device discovery.

First dip into MVP on Android (
Here's a look at the Model-View-Presenter pattern implemented for Android.

Link Bild Robust and readable architecture for an Android App (

Here's an interesting way to structure an app's back end communications with a good balance between flexibility, readability and robustness.

Link Bild Take 10 Minutes for this Developer Survey (

VisionMobile has launched a new app developer survey and is looking into opportunities and challenges in the app market. The results of the survey will be available as a free research report in July. "It would be awesome if you could help us get more finished surveys" *Martin (Android Weekly)



Link Bild The Most Powerful Android Crash Reporting Solution (

Spend less time finding & more time fixing crashes. Crashlytics provides deep and actionable insights -- even the exact line of code your app crashed on, in real-time. Trusted by apps like Square, Yelp & Path, we offer unlimited developer seats at no cost! Enjoy it on us.



Quick Tips on Making Your iOS and Android App Look Different (
Here are some simple ways you can design your UI so your Android apps look Android, with side by side comparisons.

Design Mock Up Preview Kit For Photoshop And Powerpoint (
Here's another great free download created by talented designer Taylor Ling.

Link Bild Unify app design across platforms (

Ron Amadeo takes a look at possible design changes coming in Google's apps on Android.



Post A Job In Android Weekly (
Reach more than 10.000+ Android developers with a job post in our newsletter.

Libraries & Code

FloatingLabelLayout (
Chris Banes shares his implementation of an animated label paired with EditText controls.


Droidcon Berlin 2014 (
Droidcon is all about Android, meeting the Android community, learning about the latest develops and giving you a stage to talk about your apps and solutions or just discuss a problem you are facing. Sebastian and Martin from the Android Weekly Team will also be at the BarCamp on Saturday!

Link Bild Butter Knife v5.0 has been released (

Fans of lipids and cutlery rejoice, Butter Knife v5.0 has been released!


Sorry! (
Unfortunately our last Issue #98 landed in the spam folder for most of the email clients :/ We apologize for this accident. You can help us, when you click "no spam" on Issue 98, if you still have it.


Android Studio 0.5.6 Released (
Android Studio 0.5.6 released with several important bug fixes, and updates to templates and build.gradle file editor support.


Android Wear Stackable Notifications (
With Android Wear, Google introduces stackable notifications, which allow you to see fine-grained detail of multiple notifications when glancing at your wearable device.

Consuming APIs in Android Applications (
Do you already have an Android application or are looking to create a new one that consumes web APIs, then this is the talk for you! This presentation will cover modern best practices on how to consume web APIs using the latest open source libraries.


AnDevCon Boston (
AnDevCon, May 27-30 in Boston, is the world's top Android apps event. Free expo. Use code ANDROID for $200 discount